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Identifying Troublesome HVAC Sounds

In most cases, HVAC systems operate quietly. You may notice clicks or blower noises when it turns on to heat your home, but other than that, this is a system that chugs along softly in the background of your everyday life. So, when you hear an unusual sound, it can be startling. Here are five sounds that you don’t want to hear.

1. Ratting Noises

When your HVAC system starts rattling, it probably has a loose part or a bit of debris that became caught in its housing unit. Sometimes, rattling noises come from air vents. In this case, there could be a piece of debris stuck inside.

2. Squealing Sounds

If your unit starts emitting a squealing sound, then this likely means that it has a loose or worn-out belt. This type of noise also comes from a lack of lubrication in the fan. If it’s the belt, then this is an affordable thing to repair. Catching it early is good news because doing so can prevent a major problem from developing. Our technicians at Plumbing & A/C Medic can help with these kinds of repairs.

3. Excessive Clicking

Repeated clicking sounds indicate that the HVAC unit may have an electrical problem. If you hear multiple clicks, then be sure to schedule a service visit.

4. Thumping

When you hear your heating system thump, it typically indicates that something is coming into contact with the blower blades. If this is happening, then the blower’s blades are placing stress on the system’s motor, which could result in overheating or premature failure. Search for animal debris or sticks along the outside unit’s housing element. If you spot something, then contact a professional to remove it.

5. Buzzing

A buzzing noise coming from your HVAC system could be caused by one of several different things. A part could have become loose, or it could just be worn out. It may also be extremely dusty. Buzzing can develop when there’s a loss of lubrication as well.

If you hear an unusual noise, then let the pros listen in. HVAC experts can determine the source of a strange sound and take steps to resolve it. Contact us at Plumbing & A/C Medic for more information. We service the Phoenix, AZ, area.

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