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Drain Cleaning Services in the Phoenix Metro Area

A drain clog is unsettling, highly disruptive to your routine, and can be a health hazard in some situations. When you need professional drain cleaning, call RiteWay of Phoenix. We will dispatch our technicians for drain cleaning in Gilbert, ChandlerMesaScottsdaleTempe, and throughout the greater Phoenix Metro area to resolve any clog. We have fully-stocked service trucks that can arrive at your home in less than an hour.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

There are many indicators that you may be in need of drain cleaning services, including:

Before drains become clogged, they will typically start to drain slower than usual. You will especially notice this in your bathtub and sinks.

If your toilet is overflowing when you flush, it most likely has a blockage. First, try using a plunger. If the overflowing continues, there is most likely a clog deeper into the pipe that needs further attention.
Water is supposed to go down the drain, so if water is coming up the drains, something is definitely causing a block. A professional should be called immediately before the water backflow becomes worse and leads to a flood.
If rotting smells are coming from the drain, there is most likely something stuck in the pipe. It could be anything from food particles, sludge, to a small rodent that could have gotten trapped in the drain. Be sure not to ignore these smells because bacteria can be accumulating in the drain that can lead to illness.

Safe & Effective Drain Cleaning

Many people run to the store to pick up a commercial drain cleaner when they notice a problem with a drain. These products should actually be avoided because they can be damaging to your pipes, your family’s health, and the environment. The typical liquid cleaners contain chemicals that are toxic to people, pets, and the planet. In addition, these chemicals are corrosive to plumbing pipes and may cause damage when used frequently.

There is a safe alternative to chemical drain cleaners. BioOne contains cultures that work naturally to eat through fat, grease, oil, and organic waste. This line of products is chemical-free, so they are not harmful to your family or the environment and won’t damage plumbing pipes.

Effective Solutions for Every Clog

Drain clogs may be caused by a buildup of hair, grease, food particles, sludge, soap, other debris, and even tree roots. Clogs can start with a slow drain, which gets slower over time until it is completely clogged. If you have slow drains, overflowing toilets, unpleasant odors, or water backing up, it is time to call to schedule professional drain cleaning in Phoenix or Gilbert.

Our drain cleaning and rooter services include:

  • Interior and exterior clogged drains
  • Sinks, toilets, disposals, main lines, and sewer lines
  • Hydro jetting for buildup in drains and sewer lines
  • Camera inspection
  • Rooter service with cable and snaking machines
  • Drain repair
  • Sewer line repairs and installations
  • Trenchless sewer line replacements

We understand that clogs are not a one-size-fits-all problem, so we take a unique approach to ensure that we utilize the most effective possible solution. Our team inspects the drain to locate the source of the clog and determine what is causing the drain problem. Based on this information, we will select the most efficient and effective method for eliminating the clog and getting your drains running again.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsAre commercial drain cleaning products safe to use?

Commercial drain cleaners can be damaging to your pipes, family’s health as well as the environment:

Tips for Avoiding Drain Cleaning Scams:

Liquid drain cleaners tend to release gases that are dangerous to breathe in. The fumes emitted by chemical drain cleaners are known to irritate people’s lungs, nose, and eyes. The fumes tend to linger even after the drain cleaner has made its way through the pipes. If you are using them, avoid mixing different types of products and be sure that the room is well ventilated.
If you have pets in your home, the cleaners can be poisonous to their health. Puddles left in the sink, tub, or toilet that come in contact with your pet can be dangerous so be sure no traces of the cleaner are left on surfaces. Also, keep pets away from the room you’re using the chemicals in to avoid them breathing in the fumes.
Beyond your home, these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment. The hazardous substances found in commercial drain cleaners can end up in landfills and bodies of water, wreaking havoc on the environment.
Commercial drain cleaners contain hydrochloric acid – a highly corrosive substance that can actually eat away at your pipes. If any of the cleaner accidentally gets on your bathroom fixtures, it could ruin those surfaces as well. As the commercial drain cleaner enters your septic system, it can cause damage there too. If you still plan on using these harmful cleaners, be aware of these ingredients: Sodium Hydroxide, Sulfuric Acid, and Lye, which are tell-tale signs of a cleaner that will be harsh on pipes.

Are there any drain cleaning products that are not harmful?

Luckily, there are alternative solutions to generic drain cleaners! BioOne products contain cultures that naturally eat away at fat, oil, grease, and organic waste. Best of all, BioOne products benefit the environment because they are free of chemicals. For more of their environmentally friendly products, visit their website. Similarly, you can create drain cleaners using household products, as explained below.

Can I make a drain cleaner at home?

Here are 3 homemade drain cleaners you can try as an alternative to the harmful chemical cleaners available in stores. The following methods will typically work for smaller clogs, but of course, there is no guarantee!

Most of us have these basic ingredients at home! Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda into the clogged drain, and follow with a 1/2 cup of white vinegar. (It will foam up a little bit, which is normal, so don’t be afraid!) Do this once a month to keep your drains clear and fresh.

This natural drain cleaning method is devoid of any ingredients other than water. Bring water to a boil, carefully carry the kettle over to your drain in distress, and pour it in three stages. This will allow the hot water to do its job in between every pour.

Mix 1/4 cup of each ingredient together in a small container. Shake it up and pour it into your backed-up drain. Follow with about 2 cups of boiled water, then rinse with cool water. This should make a huge difference!

Can I use a drain snake to clear a clogged drain?

The simple answer is yes, but proceed with caution. The snake can actually cause further damage by pushing the clog deeper into the pipe if done incorrectly.

What is rooter service?

“Rooter” has become a common term used when referring to a drain cleaning machine. Originally, a rooter machine was used to clear drains that were blocked by tree roots that had grown into or wrapped around the pipes. In addition to clearing tree roots, a rooter service can clear other types of stubborn and deep clogs caused by food debris, coffee grounds, grease, soap scum, toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels, and other items.

When sewer lines or septic lines are clogged, rooter services may be necessary in order to clear the lines that are located underground. A professional can determine exactly what type of service you need and which type of drain cleaning tools will be necessary.

What is the difference between a rooter and a hydro jet?

A rooter is essentially a machine auger that cuts through blockages. Whether your drains are blocked with gunk or the sewer line is root bound, this type of service can resolve the problem. A hydro jet, on the other hand, uses a blast of water at a very high pressure to remove blockages. A hydro jet can easily remove clogs and buildup due to mineral deposits, soap scum, and hair. However, it may not as easily cut through heavy tree roots.

How can I prevent clogged drains?

  • Throw out food scraps: Leftover food can easily cause a blockage in your drain. Clearly, food should never be disposed of in your garbage disposal. Instead, be sure to toss any leftover food in the garbage. Grease, oil, coffee grounds, eggshells, starches, seeds, and fruit pits should never go down the drain either!
  • Drain screens: Did you know that hair is one of the leading causes of clogged drains in showers and bathtubs? To prevent this from happening, have drain screens installed. There are also simple drain screens you can purchase from places like Lowe’s and Amazon to put on top of your drain to avoid hair and other particles from going down the drain. Similarly, ensure you have a drain stop in your kitchen sink so that food and other particles are not making their way into the pipes.
  • Stay away from store-bought drain cleaners: As you peruse the aisles at a store, you may be tempted to buy a drain cleaning solution. However, most drain cleaners are filled with harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes over time.

Keeping Your Drains Clear

Periodic drain cleaning can keep your drains clear and prevent recurring clogs. Regular drain cleaning can catch smaller clogs before they get large enough to block the drains to prevent bad odors and blocked drains. The frequency that is needed depends on several factors, but annual drain cleaning service is adequate for most homes. Call our drain clearing experts in Phoenix & Gilbert today!