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Plumbing & AC Medic is now Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing of Phoenix. New name, same great team and service.

Serving All Phoenix And Surround Cities

Expert Drain & Sewer Services in the Phoenix Metro Area

Drains and sewer lines are critical components of any plumbing system. However, that doesn’t mean these parts are immune to occasional issues. If you’re experiencing problems with your sewer or drain lines, turn to the team that never cuts corners and never settles for “good enough.”

At RiteWay of Phoenix, our plumbers are trained and qualified to handle a full range of repair and installation jobs that are of all sizes and complexities. We understand that drain and sewer line complications can bring the operations of your home to a screeching halt, which is why you can count on us to deliver fast, reliable service every time.

Our team is so confident in our ability to serve you, so much so that we back every service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us right away to schedule an appointment with our drain and sewer experts and see what we can do for you!

We serve many Arizona communities, including:

  • Gilbert
  • Tempe
  • Mesa
  • Scottsdale
  • Chandler
  • Phoenix

Professional Drain Cleaning

There’s nothing more stressful than dealing with a clogged drain. Unfortunately, these pesky drain clogs can put your sinks, showers, and toilets out of commission, leaving your family unable to use these necessary appliances. Luckily, a clogged drain is easy to fix with our plumbers in your corner. Whether you’re dealing with food clogs, toilet paper, soap scum, grease buildup, or tree roots in your drain line, you can trust us to provide a solution to get your drains flowing again.

It’s important to carefully consider which company you choose to handle your plumbing problem. You don’t want to fall prey to fraud, deception, or services that deliver poor results. If you’re unsure which team to choose for your professional drain cleaning services, you can trust our plumbers to have your best interests in mind.

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Drain Repairs You Can Count On

When you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, you need help right away. That’s why our team of plumbers in Gilbert, AZ is always ready to come to the rescue. Our company can repair your drains quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your plumbing system to its fullest. We also strive to ensure our repairs can last a long time, so you can rest assured that your services are in great hands.

We understand how crucial it is to have reliable plumbing in your bathrooms, kitchen, and various other parts of your home. That’s why we always go the extra mile to get the job done right the first time. No matter what the problem may be, you can know without a doubt that your repairs will be handled with care and expertise.

Our professional plumbers also stand behind all of our services, even when we’re repairing drains in a pinch. If you’re not completely happy with our services, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

ExpertDrain Installation

At RiteWay of Phoenix, we understand that replacing your drains can seem like a major hassle. That’s why we ensure that our installation services are as hassle-free as possible. Our experienced, friendly, and qualified technicians will handle the situation with the utmost care and respect for your home. We understand that drain problems can put you in a tight spot, so we make sure to keep the process handled quickly and with your peace of mind as a priority. Your kitchen or bathroom drain issues deserve prompt attention and quality solutions.

Your home is meant to be a place of comfort and safety, and we’ll always respect your property and treat it as if it were our own. We promise that our technicians will be clean and professional throughout the entire installation process, leaving your home as clean as it was when they arrived. 

We also care about being honest and upfront with our customers. Our team will provide you with an accurate cost estimate before beginning any work, so you’ll always know exactly what to expect from your installation. When you schedule services with us, there are no unwanted surprises or last-minute fees here.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Done Right

Is your sewer line in need of repair? Traditional sewer methods are outdated and can be a huge headache for homeowners, which is why our team has adopted trenchless methods.

With the use of trenchless technology, you can rest easy knowing that our services are non-invasive, take much less time, and are far more cost-effective than traditional repairs. Unlike traditional methods that require a team of plumbing experts to dig trenches on your property, trenchless technology makes it easy to get the job done without causing a major disruption to your lawn or landscaping. By using advanced camera technology, our team is able to locate and repair your sewer line without leaving giant holes in your yard!

Hydro Jetting Specialists

Our hydro jetting services can help make short work of stubborn blockages. Need help with a clogged kitchen drain, or have a shower drain that’s moving slower than normal? By using our advanced equipment and state-of-the-art technology, we can easily break up difficult blockages that leave your drains looking spotless. Our techniques are designed to provide the most effective clean-out possible; this way, you can prevent a clogged drain from reappearing in the future.

Our professional plumbers are highly trained in using hydro jetting equipment. Our team will ensure that every blockage is removed quickly and efficiently, using the right techniques and jetting pressure for every job. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job is being done properly.

Although you may be tempted to tackle clogged drains yourself, scheduling hydro jetting services with our experts can help save you time and money in the long run. Our professional drain cleaning services are much more dependable and effective than chemical drain cleaners or DIY methods like baking soda and vinegar. By thoroughly cleaning out your bathroom or kitchen drain with our advanced equipment, you can avoid expensive plumbing repairs in the future. With our services, we’ll get your drains working properly once again with minimal disruption to your routine.

Call Us for Drain Services You Can Trust in Phoenix, AZ

As a locally-owned and operated plumbing company, RiteWay of Phoenix takes our jobs seriously. We truly strive to provide the best drain and sewer service to the members of our communities. From fixing a clogged drain to performing a full sewer line overhaul, you can count on our team to make drain and sewer services as easy as they can be.

Customers choose our plumbing team time and time again because we offer:

  • 24/7/365 emergency repairs
  • Same-day scheduling
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Written estimates
  • Warranties
  • Flat-rate, upfront pricing
  • Financing options

Most importantly, people choose our team because we genuinely care. With every service, you can count on us to maintain focus on efficiency, safety, and organization. Our top priority is to get your system back up and running in no time so you and your family can go back to living comfortably. Contact us today to schedule a drain or sewer service with our experts in Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Phoenix, AZ!