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Careers in the HVAC Industry

Are you looking for a career in an industry whose demand never wanes? Consider a career in HVAC. Nearly every company and residence has a heating, ventilation, and air control (HVAC) system which creates the demand for HVAC professionals. The employment opportunities available for qualified HVAC professionals include:

System Engineers or Designers

Often, HVAC control systems are computerized and connected to a central command point. The system engineer or designer has to plan, implement, modify, and sustain the control system. For this position, an individual has to be qualified in mechanical, computer, electrical engineering, or HVAC technology. An HVAC engineer may have to work with the customer to develop new HVAC control systems, troubleshoot existing ones, and train or advise them on how to use the system controls effectively.

HVAC Installers

These individuals are responsible for the installation of the HVAC units according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They also play a part in the designing of HVAC ducts and fittings, apart from installing them and wiring outdoor and indoor units. It is also the installer’s responsibility to start-up these systems as and when they are required. While qualifications for this post vary from one company to another, most firms require that HVAC installers demonstrate their expertise in refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning systems.

Service Technicians

Service technicians are required to monitor and schedule maintenance for the HVAC units. They are also required to diagnose, troubleshoot, analyze, and repair various HVAC types. Mostly referred to as field technicians, service technicians and HVAC installers work directly with the customers and are, therefore, best placed to identify leads and communicate them to the sales department. A service technician should observe the necessary safety precautions and guidelines. Just as an installer, they must also demonstrate their expertise in refrigeration and HVAC units.

In-House Support

The persons working in the field and those designing have to be coordinated by an in-house team. The in-house team is responsible for task delegation, taking inventory, accounting, and other administrative tasks. While these jobs do not necessarily entail working directly with the units directly, they are just as important. To qualify for such positions, one would have to demonstrate expertise in their particular post. For example, for an administrative post, one would have to exhibit administrative qualities and qualifications.

Besides the broad spectrum in HVAC careers, the industry offers room for advancement of skills. The continued industry growth along with the advancement in HVAC technology is a guarantee of continued job offerings and new occupations cropping up. This makes it an optimal choice for people looking for a field with a bright and rewarding future.

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