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High Pollen Counts Tickling Your Nose? Try Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Home Comfort!

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In many homes throughout Phoenix, AZ, allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions are all possible side-effects of living with poor indoor air quality. Some people develop symptoms similar to that of a cold, while others remain entirely asymptomatic when surrounded by airborne contaminants. So, what is indoor air quality anyways, and how can you improve it within your home? 

As the name suggests, indoor air quality, or IAQ for short, refers to the quality of air in any given building. Recent studies show that the air you and your family breathe every day is more polluted than you could ever imagine. Here, we’ll review several things you can do to improve your home’s IAQ and, as a result, overall comfort.

Checking the IAQ

Before getting started on solutions to invest in, one way to better understand your IAQ is through testing. The Honeywell Livewell IAQ Program, available with Rite Way of Phoenix , evaluates your home’s air in six key areas: 

  1. Carbon Monoxide
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Particles
  4. Temperature
  5. Carbon Dioxide
  6. Odors and Smells

How your air circulates in and out of the home and the impact this has on air quality is known as the AirCYCLE. Specialized monitors allow our IAQ specialists to track and test your AirCYCLE, so we can determine the best air filtration or purification solutions. This option is a great first step in achieving cleaner, healthier IAQ in your home. 

Professional HVAC Cleaning

Maintenance is essential in sustaining healthy indoor air quality. With that said, your heating and air conditioning systems should not be ignored. They play a substantial role in the quality of air that is brought into your home, how well it’s filtered, and what is left behind. Because of that, you’ll want to keep these systems properly maintained in terms of efficiency and cleanliness. Not only can you avoid an AC repair through the appropriate upkeep of your systems and ducts, but you can improve your IAQ too. 

A thorough service should also include professional duct cleaning, which cleans all of your ducts as well as your HVAC system to maximize airflow and reduce airborne pathogens. With the use of professional equipment and the accompanying expertise of our cooling specialists, you can be sure that your system will work like brand new. 

Air Systems

In today’s marketplace, there are various product options that focus on home comfort and IAQ. One solution is air purifiers, which can directly eliminate allergens, unpleasant odors, pet dander, and, generally speaking, germs & bacteria. 

Whole-house air purification systems offer another solution to address the specific contaminants that threaten your indoor air quality. These systems do require installation by your trusted Scottsdale, AZ, experts at Rite Way of Phoenix , but the benefits far outweigh the costs given the fact that better IAQ can mean a healthier life ahead. 

Experts Here to Help

When you’re looking to improve your indoor air quality, know that you can rely on the team here at Rite Way of Phoenix . We’ve been around for over 30 years now, and we believe that’s due to the level of commitment we provide to our customers. Contact us to schedule an appointment or view our HVAC financing deals here!

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