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How Does Air Conditioning Work?

At least you know that the primary function of your air conditioner is to keep your home or business in Scottsdale cool during the hot summer months. However, have you ever wondered how the AC system functions? How does it cool your home or business premises so efficiently?

One fact that you may already be aware of is that your air conditioning system and your refrigerator primarily work in the same way. The only difference is that your fridge only cools a small and enclosed space whereas your air conditioner cools your entire home or business premises. In this article, we shall look at the working mechanism of a typical air conditioning system.

What is the AC Process?

The air conditioning system uses various chemicals that convert gas to liquid and back so quickly that you won’t notice it. The primary function of these chemicals is to transfer the heat from the air inside your house to the outside air. The AC unit comprises of three main parts namely the condenser, compressor, and the evaporator.

Warm air inside your property is sucked in through a grille located at the base of the AC unit. The warm air then flows over several cooling pipes through which a coolant is circulating. This section of your system draws heat from the warm air passing over it and also removes excess moisture from it before passing it to the next section of the system.

The air then passes over a heating element, but since the heating component of your HVAC is turned down, no heat is added to the cool air that passes over the heating system. A fan strategically located at the top of the AC unit then blows the air back forcing it to move through a different grille back to your rooms. The air that returns to your room is now cooler.

Meanwhile, the refrigerant flows through the cooling pipes and draws the heat from the air blowing over the pipes and the evaporator turning it from a cooler liquid into a hot gas. It transports this heat from your interior spaces to the outside air. The refrigerant flows through the AC unit’s compressor unit and condensing pipes which turn the hot gas back to liquid ready for another cycle.

There are lots of metal plates attached to your outdoor unit whose primary function is to diffuse the heat in the atmosphere. The electric fan usually blows air past the outdoor unit to accelerate the process. The cycle continues until the time you achieve the temperature recording on your thermostat.

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