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How to Prepare for a Heat Wave

Heat Wave Safety

In Arizona, we’re sure to experience multiple heat waves during the summer months. We all know temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees, making it a very uncomfortable experience. But it’s not just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous! classifies a heat wave as temperatures over 90 degrees for at least two to three days. Similarly, excessive temperatures can also be accompanied by higher humidity. This is a combination that can be hazardous to your health.

Here’s what you need to know about heat waves and how you can prepare.

Secure Reliable Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is perhaps the most important factor in comfortably making it through a heat wave. Make sure you’ve gotten your annual AC tune-up, which will ensure your system is performing at its best – and avoid unexpected breakdowns that would result in an emergency situation.

Annual maintenance by a licensed HVAC technician helps homeowners detect small issues and fix them before they become bigger problems and take out your unit during the heat of summer. Additionally, most manufacturers require annual maintenance or the warranty will be void (many homeowners are unaware of this).

Don’t just rely on fans to get through a heat wave (even if they are accompanied by a bowl of ice). Fans only move air around and will not help keep you cool on their own.

If you’ve been putting off repair or a tune-up, contact your local HVAC team and get those issues resolved BEFORE summer really kicks in. The longer homeowners wait to call, the more difficult it may be to schedule an appointment. As the weather continues to heat up, all reputable AC repair companies get booked up with emergency calls.

If you don’t have reliable AC, look for other places you could go for relief during the day. This could be a library, community center, or other places that are open to the public.

Know the Signs of Heat Exposure

Even after taking proper precautions, it’s crucial to know the signs of heat exposure so you can intervene when necessary.

According to the American Red Cross, these are the three health issues to be aware of:

Heat Cramps

Heat cramps are one of the early signs that the body is not faring well in excess heat. Muscles, usually in the abdomen or legs start to spasm, causing pain. If you or someone you’re with experiences cramps during a heat wave, move to a cool location and stay hydrated.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion usually follows cramps and can be more severe. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, and dizziness. The same process applies to the affected person: move them to a cool location and make sure they are hydrated. If they don’t improve, call 911.

Heat Stroke

If heat exhaustion is ignored, it could lead to a heat stroke. This is a life-threatening situation that should be addressed immediately. The symptoms include high body temperature, red skin, shallow breathing, or falling unconscious. Call 911 immediately if you believe someone is experiencing a heat stroke.

Keeping You Cool All Summer

When you’re trying to stay cool this summer, trust the team at Plumbing & A/C Medic. Our trained technicians will make sure your air conditioning is up for any heat that may come your way. Contact us today at 602-878-9314 for more information and to make an appointment!

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