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Importance of Regular AC Maintenance Featured on ABC 15 News

The Arizona heat has officially arrived! Whether you were prepared or not, triple digit temperatures settled over the Phoenix Valley area over the weekend. While you may not have realized it during the mild winter months, your AC system is one of the most important in your entire home. It is responsible for keeping you and your family cool, comfortable, and safe from the harsh elements just outside your front door. A while back, we did a blog entry on the importance of spring air conditioning maintenance. More recently, Phoenix ABC 15 News did a story on this very topic.

If you did not have routine maintenance performed on your equipment prior to the heat, you may have found that your system was not operating as it should over the weekend. Especially if this was the first time you turned it on for the year. The ABC 15 News AC repairs story discussed not only the importance of air conditioning maintenance services, but also the hardworking AC repair companies that have been working overtime to help residents prepare for the heat. AC maintenance services are recommended in order to clear your machine of debris such as dirt and dust, which may have accumulated over the winter. A clogged system will have to work harder to cool your home, which will ultimately lead to higher energy bills.

A trained air conditioning technician will also inspect the operation of your system to check for things that could eventually become a problem. Ignoring these signs could eventually put you in need of costly AC repairs and service. If your air conditioner is currently working without problem, it is still recommended to schedule maintenance. After all, it will continue to grow warmer over the next few months and a low maintenance service fee is always favorable over a broken unit and costly repair. Click here to see the story about the AC repair company on ABC 15 News, and then call the Rite Way of Phoenix  to schedule AC repair in the Scottsdale area, or to inquire about our maintenance plans.

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