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Is 2020 Your Year to Upgrade Your AC?

Yes, it’s only January, and the scorching Arizona summer has yet to arrive. However, as leading providers of air conditioning services in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas, we know that it’s never too early to start preparing for the heat.

Now is the perfect time to think about the condition of your cooling system. Is it up to the challenge of keeping you comfortable for another sweltering season? Was it showing signs of decline last year, but you decided to sweat it out instead of investing in an upgrade?

If you’re on the fence about whether to stick with your current cooling system for one more year or to take the plunge on a replacement, this post should help you organize your thoughts and get moving in the right direction.

First, take a look at this infographic to see if your old AC unit is a good candidate for the scrap heap.

If any of those warning signs ring a bell, here are some key things to consider when deciding whether to fix your current air conditioner or invest in a new one.

Cost of Repair vs. Replacement — If you’re getting to know your air conditioner repair technician a little too well, it’s time to do some cost comparison calculations. Yes, it will be a big initial investment to buy a new cooling system, but if your old one requires frequent repairs to keep it running, you’ll save money in the long run by choosing to upgrade.

SEER Ratings — SEER ratings measure the efficiency of a home comfort system; the higher the number, the better. If you own an older AC unit, there’s a good chance it has a lower SEER rating, and the minimum required in the Southwest is 14. Upgrading to a more efficient system will save you money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention provide you with better overall AC performance.

Freon phase-out — As you have probably heard, the R-22 coolant also known as Freon, is being phased out this year due to its harmful impact on the environment. If your cooling system uses Freon, it will be extremely expensive to replace your coolant when the time comes. It could be more cost-effective in the long run to upgrade now. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and whether you will be affected by the 2020 Freon ban.

Technological advances — Modern technology has made life easier in so many ways, and that includes heating and cooling your home. Upgrading to a new air conditioner is a great excuse to finally install a WiFi-enabled smart thermostat, giving you the ability to control your indoor temperature from your smartphone. Smart thermostats can save you big money on your cooling bills because they automatically adjust settings based on the time of day and whether or not you’re at home.  

If 2020 is your year to upgrade to a new high-performance, high-efficiency cooling system, finally, you don’t have to go through the process alone. As a full-service Scottsdale AC company, we have the knowledge, experience, and training to help you choose the right cooling system for your home and budget. You can also count on us to install your system so that it delivers summer after summer of cool comfort for your family.

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