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Reasons to Get an AC Check Up

Your air conditioner can sit for months without use. In your cooling system, dust and dirt build up from the summer before, and those dust and dirt particles collect and lead to mold and mildew, which could result in a foul smell coming from your system. The mold, mildew, and bacteria often or found on or near the AC filter, coils, and ductwork. The only way to rid the system of this odor is clean it, clean it thoroughly. You have some serious AC repair and maintenance ahead of you:

When is the last time your air conditioner’s filter was changed? The filter gathers dust and dirt from the air that can accelerate mildew growth when exposed to moisture. Last summer’s filter has been collecting odors for months. If you haven’t changed your system’s filter since last summer your whole home may be getting dirty air blown back into it.

Problem solved? Not necessarily. That stench may have another source. The evaporator coils become both cool and damp, creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. Knowing that evaporator coils may need regular cleaning does come in handy, but remember that the best prevention for this is purchasing high-quality air filters and replacing the regularly.

If the air conditioner and the evaporator coil aren’t the culprits then it could be the ductwork. Poorly sealed ductwork or an AC unit that is not efficiently removing moisture from the air can lead to…you guessed it: mold and mildew growth. Duct cleaning is important It can improve your health and by eliminating bacteria and germs from source and re-circulate clean, crisp air.

Wherever the source, when air flows through the vents it spreads the mold spores throughout your home. [company_name] can vanquish the mold and mildew smell by cleaning your evaporator coils, drainage, inspecting drain lines, replacing air filters and scouring your ductwork. Need an AC repair in Scottsdale or surrounding areas? Give us a call today!

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