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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

How well did your air conditioner cool your home last summer? Here in Fountain Hills, an ill-functioning cooling system is more than just a matter of comfort, it is a matter of health. If your air conditioner couldn’t sufficiently cool your home, now may be the time to make an upgrade so you aren’t caught in the heat during the installation period. There are many reasons to consider upgrading your AC system:

–          Energy efficiency. A system’s energy efficiency is key! Older systems had poor energy efficiency standards, and therefore if you have an outdated system, it is likely that you are paying too much to cool your home. Here Newer systems are far more energy efficient, and it is often more cost effective to purchase a new system than to continue paying for high energy bills, costly repairs, and frequent maintenance.

–          Ability to cool. If your system can’t properly cool your home, there’s a good chance it will never be able to. Sometimes this issue is caused by a problem with the thermostat or a part that’s in need of repair, but more often it’s a sign that the system was improperly sized in the first place. There are specific requirements and calculations that are performed to determine the appropriate capacity air conditioner, and if one that is too large or too small is installed, it will not be effective.

–          Air quality and humidity control. With new systems, homeowners experience much superior indoor air quality and the ability to manage their home’s humidity. These two components can have major implications for one’s health and allergies.

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