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Signs You Need a Home Humidifier

Many people rely on small humidifiers to keep them comfortable through the cold, dry months of winter – but you may be surprised to learn that there are also whole house humidifiers. These permanent installations can be added to your home’s existing HVAC system, giving you the benefits of the small, transportable humidifier you’re familiar with without the hassle of needing to be moved from room to room, cleaned and refilled with every use. Whole house humidifiers offer the convenience of being able to control the humidity level across every room in your home.

Signs You Need a Home Humidifier

How do you know if a large scale humidifier is the right choice for your home? Because this is a question we hear frequently, we thought it might be helpful to address the kinds of problems that a home humidifier can alleviate. To give you a better sense of whether or not one of these systems might be right for your own home, consider the following questions:

  • Have you noticed an excessive amount of static electricity in your home – shocks whenever you reach out to turn a metal doorknob or laundry that clings together out of the dryer?
  • Do you or other members of your household frequently experience very dry and itchy skin or chapped lips?
  • Does anyone experience dry sinuses or frequent nosebleeds or a chronic cough, snoring, sore throat or frequent respiratory illnesses?
  • Have you noticed any cracks appearing in your wooden furniture, decorative woodwork or flooring?

If you experience some or all of these issues on a regular basis, a whole house humidifier actually could be a real solution. When you are able to add the right level of humidity to the climate of your home during cold, dry months, you can prevent many of the more uncomfortable side effects of extremely dry air, as well as lower the cost of your energy bills – as the air in your well-humidified home will feel warmer at lower settings on your thermostat than it would if the air were dryer.

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