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Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Air Conditioner Ready?

A huge perk of living here in Arizona is the sunny springtime warmth that arrives early in the year, while other parts of the country are still experiencing frigid winter conditions. Our balmy spring weather is a powerful lure, bringing professional baseball teams and thousands of fans to our area to begin preparing for each new season.

Speaking of preparation, your Scottsdale, AZ, air conditioner service experts at Rite Way of Phoenix want to make sure your cooling system is ready to kick into high gear as temperatures climb. You expect a lot out of your air conditioner, and in order for it to perform its best throughout the spring and summer, now’s the time to give it some TLC.

After sitting dormant throughout the winter, here are a few issues that can arise with an AC system:

  • The buildup of dirt and debris. From broken tree branches and fallen leaves collecting around the exterior unit to dirt particles clogging filters and coils, your cooling system needs as much spring cleaning as the rest of your home and property. This includes ductwork and vents, where dust and dander love to hide and will create indoor air quality problems when the system starts running full speed.
  • Leaks. Your air conditioner vibrates while it’s running, and over time, components in the system can loosen, crack, or break. This can result in refrigerant or water leaks that will hinder your system’s efficiency and could eventually lead to AC failure.
  • Electrical problems. Like many, if not all, essential appliances, your air conditioner relies on a smooth, consistent flow of electricity in order to function properly. Any issues with the wiring or worn-out electrical components will throw off the entire system, and even the smallest electrical glitches can cause a complete breakdown. That’s why it’s so important to remedy these issues before summer’s sweltering heat hits the region.

While homeowners can take steps on their own to prepare their air conditioner for the new season — such as cleaning around the exterior unit or changing the air filter — we recommend calling a professional for air conditioner maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding communities. Here at Rite Way of Phoenix , our team performs thorough seasonal AC inspections and tune-ups for home and business owners in the area, during which we complete all of the following crucial tasks:

For more information about seasonal air conditioner maintenance or to schedule an appointment for a professional AC inspection, contact Rite Way of Phoenix today!

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