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Understanding Product Warranties

Your home’s air conditioning system is your last line of defense between you and the blistering Arizona sun. Given this importance, you will no doubt be keen to ensure that your AC keeps running smoothly for a long time to come. Product warranties are great if you want to avoid dealing with prolonged outages. After all, they provide some important benefits.

No Surprise Bills

When you have a warranty, you can sleep soundly knowing that if something should go wrong with your air conditioning system, you will not be looking at an unwelcome repair bill. Instead, the repair will be covered under the warranty. All you need to do is reach out to the contractor and let him or her get to work.

Easy-To-Locate Parts

If an old air conditioning system is broken down and in need of some new parts, it can often be difficult, or even impossible, to find the one you need. After all, the manufacturer may have stopped making it years ago. However, you will never run into this issue when your system is under warranty. As long as you are covered, you’ll be able to find the right parts easily.

What Can Void A Product Warranty?

Given that product warranties are so beneficial, you should make sure that you do not accidentally void yours. Generally speaking, the following things are likely to void your warranty:

  • Failing to properly register your product
  • Failing to maintain your product
  • Failing to use proper parts during repair or maintenance
  • Failing to keep records

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