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What Is the Benefit of Using a Faucet Aerator?

Have you ever noticed that there is a small screen attached at the tip of your faucet? Most modern faucets have this feature — and it’s called an aerator. But do you know what it’s for? Below, you can learn more about what an aerator is and why this small fixture is such an important part of your home plumbing system.

What is a faucet aerator?

Faucet aerators are small screens that are attached at the base of your kitchen or bathroom sink. They are designed to mix your water stream with air, reducing your faucet water flow.

What does a faucet aerator do?

  • It Prevents Splashing – Aerators are used to reduce the volume of water that is falling out of your kitchen or bathroom faucet. This also reduces the splash distance of the water as it falls from your faucet and hits the sink basin. It does this by creating multiple, smaller streams within the main faucet stream. As a result, you are reducing the amount of splash that occurs when the main water stream hits your sink basin.
  • It Shapes Your Faucet Water – Faucet aerators are also used to shape the water stream that is coming out of your sink. It helps create a straight, evenly pressured water stream. 
  • It Conserves Water & Reduces Energy Use – Since your faucet aerator reduces water flow, this also means that you will be using less water without reducing home comfort. This is especially true when you use hot water — as you will be cutting back on heat energy used in your home.
  • It Increases Perceived Water Pressure – While faucet aerators do cut down on the amount of water that you are using, it actually creates a buildup of high pressure in your faucet right behind the aerator. This is particularly helpful in homes that have low water pressure.

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