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When is the Best Time to Schedule My AC Inspection?

AC Unit Repair and Maintenance

Just like a home requires cleaning and maintenance, your AC unit needs the same treatment. It may not need attention quite as often, but it is important to stay on top of it in order to prevent repairs. Besides creating peace of mind knowing the air conditioner is working properly, it ensures the system is running efficiently. 

Given the temperatures that residents of Phoenix, Arizona experience, it is recommended to be proactive with your AC maintenance… unless you want to find yourself in need of an AC repair in the middle of a heatwave. Therefore, the best time to schedule an AC inspection is now, in the early spring, as the weather is only getting hotter from here on out. 

Rite Way of Phoenix offers quick and affordable AC inspections and tune-ups at your convenience. Learn more about the importance of AC maintenance below, or contact us today to schedule a service. 

At-Home Maintenance 

There are a few things you can do on your own to help improve the functionality of your unit. Here are a few quick tips: 

What Can An AC Inspection Address? 

We understand that if you see nothing wrong with the air conditioning system, it’s easy to think, “Why do I need to have someone take a look at this?” But in fact, this is a critical time to contact our AC contractors, who can minimize wear and tear to prevent future damage:

Test Refrigerant

More specifically, this entails checking for the correct amount of refrigerant and inspecting for leaks with a detector to make sure your system runs smoothly. 

Check for Appropriate Connections

Within the system, making sure the electric control sequence is correct is important in avoiding a fire hazard. Additionally, through the evaporator coil, airflow can be measured to look for improvement opportunities. 

The other primary pieces that require inspection are the electric terminals, which need to be tightened and cleaned routinely. Finally, an air conditioning expert can confirm that the belts are in good condition.  


This involves cleaning your AC of dust, dirt, and debris. You can also opt for a duct cleaning — a single, turnkey solution to a clean air conditioning system that runs like brand new. 

Immediate Concerns Are Always Addressed

While our highly trained technicians are reviewing your air conditioning unit, any issues that are recognized can be addressed by the Rite Way of Phoenix team. Contact us today to schedule your service in the Phoenix, AZ, area!

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