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Winter is Coming! Is Your Heater Ready?

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Captivated by the beauty of the fall season and all the wonderful activities it has to offer, many people forget that winter is just a couple of months away. The warm temperatures that Scottsdale, AZ, is well-known for won’t last forever, so it’s important to prepare your heater ahead of time. 

Read on to learn why heating maintenance is crucial to your HVAC’s performance and family’s comfort this winter, then contact a Rite Way of Phoenix specialist to schedule your heating tune-up today!

Why is Heating Maintenance Important?

Most problems that affect your furnace or heat pump are actually invisible to the untrained eye. Regular wear-and-tear, something which most homeowners don’t even notice, does more than reduce your system’s efficiency — it can actually be the root of serious damage that causes your heating unit to stop working at the most inopportune time. That’s why it’s important to tune-up your equipment on a regular basis. By eliminating debris and fixing small issues, your heater can run like it’s brand new! 

Take a look at the advantages that routine heating maintenance can provide to homeowners. 

When Should I Schedule a Heating Service?

We get this question a lot at Rite Way of Phoenix , and we believe that the best time to schedule your heating maintenance service is during the fall. 

You don’t want to wait until the cold arrives to schedule a service appointment. By that time, your heater should already be up and running smoothly. It’s best to repair small issues, clean the unit, and give the whole system a once-over ahead of time to ensure it’s prepared for the winter. Otherwise, you may be putting undue stress on the system. 

However, we understand that busy home and work lives can get in the way of scheduling your tune-up on time, so our HVAC specialists are available anytime during the week and the weekend to perform your maintenance service. This is just one of the few reasons why we’re considered the number one company for heating repairs in Phoenix, AZ, and other nearby regions.

Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

Let’s get started! Contact Rite Way of Phoenix by calling or filling out our online contact form, and we’ll make sure one of our best NATE-certified technicians takes care of your heating tune-up! We also offer furnace or heat pump replacements if your home is in need of an upgrade.

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