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Plumbing & AC Medic is now Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing of Phoenix. New name, same great team and service.

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Professional Home Services That Keep Your Home Comfortable

For residents of Cave Creek, Arizona, reliable services are crucial for ensuring home comfort. Plumbing and AC Medic steps in as your go-to partner for all your plumbing and AC needs. Distinguished as the top-ranking HVAC company in Cave Creek, AZ, our goal is to provide a comfortable home environment throughout the year.

Why Choose Us as Your HVAC Company in Cave Creek, AZ?

Plumbing and AC Medic has made its mark as the premier HVAC Company in Cave Creek, AZ. Our team of dedicated professionals are trained and certified to handle all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning demands. Our unflinching commitment to customer satisfaction, exceptional service, and competitive pricing sets us apart from other HVAC service providers. Understanding the necessity for swift and skilled service, we strive to provide exactly that.

The Preferred Plumbing Company in Cave Creek, AZ

Besides being an acclaimed HVAC company, we also offer exceptional plumbing services, making us the leading Plumbing Company in Cave Creek, AZ. From minor leaks to extensive pipe issues, our seasoned technicians are equipped to handle any plumbing problem. Using state-of-the-art technology, we diagnose and rectify your plumbing issues rapidly and effectively. Learn more about our 24/7 services on our emergency repairs page.

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Proficient AC Professionals in Cave Creek, AZ

When the summer heat peaks, a well-functioning air conditioner becomes a necessity. Our AC professionals in Cave Creek, AZ, ensure your AC system is at its optimal performance to keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable. From AC installation, repair, to maintenance, our team is ready to fulfill all your needs. We also provide advice on the best air conditioning systems suited for your home. Discover more about our air conditioning services on our air conditioning page.

Facing the chilly winter months without a reliable heater can be difficult. As your dependable Heater Technicians near Cave Creek, AZ, we ensure your heating systems are operating perfectly. Our extensive heating repair services include thermostat repair and furnace installation. Rely on us for efficient, cost-effective, and dependable heating solutions. Get more details about our heating repair services on our heating repair page.

Problems with your drain or sewer can lead to significant inconvenience. We offer unmatched drain and sewer services, including unclogging drains and repairing or replacing sewer lines. By employing advanced equipment, we guarantee efficient and successful service.

Preserving high indoor air quality is vital for a healthy living environment. Poor air quality can trigger various health issues, including allergies and respiratory complications. Our team excels in providing solutions that improve your indoor air quality, guaranteeing that your family breathes clean, healthy air.

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Maintaining a comfortable and secure home environment calls for a trustworthy partner. At Plumbing and AC Medic, we strive to be your number one choice for an HVAC and plumbing company in Cave Creek, AZ. We take pride in delivering excellent services through our skilled AC professionals and heater technicians. Our aim is not only to meet but to exceed your expectations. With our services, your home’s comfort is secured. Contact us today and savor the tranquility of having your home cared for by professionals.