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Chandler Drain Cleaning & Repair

Chandler Drain Cleaning & Repair

Plumbing Industry Experts You Can Depend On

The team at Plumbing & A/C Medic, delivers high-quality drain cleaning throughout Chandler, AZ. Since 2006, our company has satisfied the needs of local customers in Maricopa County. We have attained consistent results through sheer hard work and determination. Our plumbers are known for their professionalism and qualifications. We have a vastly experienced and highly skilled plumbing team that will handle your equipment no matter the make or model. Furthermore, you can rely on our Chandler plumbers to exude respect and integrity during every project.

Efficient Drain Repairs in Chandler

When your plumbing system starts to backfire, you need a solution that will take care of your issue promptly. At Plumbing & A/C Medic, we strive to offer speedy plumbing. Our Chandler drain cleaning professionals always arrive equipped with all of the tools needed to solve a problem expertly. Our goal is to provide you with top-grade solutions that will guarantee your long-term peace of mind. Pay attention to any drain malfunctions and act quickly as neglect could make matters worse.

Signs You Need Our Drain Repair or Cleaning Services:

Seven Items You Should Never Throw Down Your Drain

In order to keep your drains running smoothly it’s imperative you watch what you throw down your sink, garbage disposal, and household drains. This includes food waste, as some items can lead to clogs and even mechanical issues for your disposal.

Keep These Foods Away From Your Drains:

  • Corn Husks – Stringy corn husks can wrap around your garbage disposal blades, causing the blades to stop spinning.
  • Oily Salad Dressing – Oils make look like a liquid, but they can actually cause problems with your plumbing system, eventually hardening and creating a clog.
  • Peach Pits – Hard fruit pits can damage your garbage disposal blades and even lead to a clogged disposal.
  • Celery – Be sure to throw away any celery scraps in the trash. Celery is a stringy and fibrous vegetable that can wrap around your disposal blades. This can eventually lead to a buildup in your drain
  • Potatoes – Potatoes are starchy vegetables. When wet, they will expand in your plumbing pipes and cause problems with sink drainage.
Even with proper preventative measures taken, clogs can still form. In such an event, call the Chandler drain cleaning pros at our team today.
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Professional Drain Solutions

Our team of skilled plumbers are always prepared to provide whatever drain cleaning or hydro jetting services you need. We have built a reputation for being punctual to appointments. We vow to value your time. Moreover, you can depend on our Chandler drain cleaning team to exude the utmost professionalism during every project. Rest assured that our plumbers are more than willing to listen to your concerns and needs as we work with you to resolve your drain issue or any other plumbing service request.

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Our company prides itself on performing every drain repair thoroughly. We know that you take any malfunctions with your plumbing system very seriously. This is why we will aim to exceed your expectations through tried-and-true solutions. Additionally, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This proves that our sole focus is to ensure that your plumbing needs are met. Our Chandler plumbers vow to work tirelessly until you are fully satisfied with our efforts.

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