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4 Benefits of Scottsdale Heating Maintenance

Thanksgiving is just days away and fall weather is becoming more prominent as the season progresses. If you have yet to turn on your heating system for the first time this year, there are a few things you should consider. Allowing a Scottsdale heating repair professional to perform routine maintenance before the peak of the heating season is essential for a number of reasons, which are addressed below:

  1. Safety: A dirty system, cracked heat exchanger, or over-fired burners in your furnace could be serious fire hazards. In addition, carbon monoxide emissions are a safety concern which a heating expert could address, ultimately preventing a potential disaster. Your maintenance technician will inspect your system thoroughly to catch problem areas before they grow into something more serious. A carbon monoxide detector may also be installed at this time.
  2. Indoor Air Quality: Your system has sat unused for many months, allowing dirt, dust, and other irritants to settle within. When you turn your system on for the first time this season, all of this matter will be distributed through the air in your home. This can create uncomfortable symptoms, especially for those with allergies or asthma. Your maintenance technician will clean your system to remove all particles before they become stirred up by your furnace.
  3. Prevention: There may be problems with your system that you are currently not aware of, which could progress into a more serious issue if not addressed. Your technician will identify these problems and recommend a solution, therefore preventing a system breakdown and costly Mesa heating repair costs. More severe problems could even result in the need for premature replacement. Seems like signing an inexpensive annual maintenance plan is a better option!
  4. Savings: Aside from the savings of prevented repair costs, a clean and well-tuned heating system will operate at a higher level of energy efficiency. This means that less energy is required for your furnace or heat pump to operate. In turn, this equates to significant savings on your monthly heating bill!

Click here for more information about Rite Way of Phoenix  Energy Savings Agreements, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Happy Thanksgiving from our staff to you and your family!

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