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Tips for Reducing Scottsdale Heating & Cooling Bills

With the triple digit temperatures that are typical of Arizona summers, you can count on your monthly energy bills to be on the rise for the next few months. Fortunately, your trusted Scottsdale heating and cooling company is here to provide you with easy, money saving tips. Implement these tips and you may just find yourself with enough extra money to plan a well-deserved day of fun with the family before they head back to school at the end of summer.

Preventative Maintenance- By now, you have probably heard about air conditioning maintenance services and may even know a little bit about their benefits. An unmaintained AC system loses efficiency (5% per year, in fact), causing it to work harder to keep you cool and therefore, using more energy. Unfortunately, this costs you more money. A certified HVAC specialist can inspect and clean your system to ensure that this isn’t the case!

DIY: Maintain Your System- While leaving actual maintenance tasks to your Cave Creek air conditioning specialist is always recommended, there are simple tasks you can perform on your own. It is essential that you check your air filters each month, changing them at least every three months, or more, if they become dirty sooner than that. In addition, be sure to clear away any overgrown greenery that may clog your outdoor unit such as grass and bushes, and be sure to blow grass away from your unit when mowing.

Adjustable Thermostats- Adjustable thermostats are an affordable way to alter the temperature of your space during specific periods of the day. For example, your thermostat may automatically increase the temperature while you and your family are away at school and work, and turn it back to your desired temperature shortly before you arrive home. You can also do this manually with your regular thermostat. Every one degree you increase the temperature can save you up to 5% on your utility bill1!

Home Weather-Proofing- Another great way to save money is to look around your home for areas where air leaks may be present. This allows your cool air to escape through the leaks, basically allowing you to unknowingly throw money out the window. This includes adding weather-stripping and caulking around the windows and doors, as well as checking the insulation in your ceiling or attic to ensure that your home is well sealed. This not only keeps cool air in, but hot air out.

Have an inquiry about home energy preservation, or are you interested in maintenance services and adjustable thermostat installation? Rite Way of Phoenix is Scottsdale is standing by to help you and will gladly answer any questions you may have!


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