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The Great Scottsdale HVAC Debate: Repair or Replace?

Excessive heat warnings have been in full effect this summer, leaving customers across the Scottsdale AZ area with overwhelmed air conditioning units. If the system in your home or business has not been providing the results that you need for optimal indoor comfort, you may be in need of repair. But what if it is a more deep-seated problem that can only be resolved with system replacement? How can you be sure?

Answering this question will require a bit of inquiry into your specific system history and symptoms. Initially, it is recommended that you contact a Phoenix air conditioning contractor, who is reputable and trustworthy, to evaluate your system and offer recommendations. You may even choose to get a second opinion. This step is important in ensuring that the problems you are experiencing are properly diagnosed. Why spend thousands of dollars to replace a system that could have easily been repaired?

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding whether to repair or replace your equipment:

How old is your system?

As systems age, they begin to lose efficiency. If the system in your space is 10+ years, it may be time to upgrade to a system that is more efficient and capable of providing better results.

Has your system become extra noisy when in use?

Excessive noise may be a result of improperly sized ductwork or a problem with the indoor coil. A Scottsdale AC expert can help you assess your system and offer solutions.

Have you noticed a sharp or sudden rise in energy costs?

Of course, energy costs rise in their own right, but major or sudden increases may be a sign that your system is struggling. When it works overtime to cool your space, it uses more energy which you then have to pay for.

Have you had excessive problems with it lately?

Have you been in need of repair multiple times within the last year or so? Consistent problems may be a sign that your system is giving out and that repair just can’t help. It may be time to look into replacement.

Common system problems that can typically be repaired include leaks in the ductwork, systems clogged by dirty filters, using the wrong filter type, inaccurate refrigerant charge, and not having enough air returns in your space. In the event that your system cannot be repaired, system replacement has a number of benefits including manufacturer warranties, improved energy efficiency (and reduced energy costs), improved air quality, and the use of environmentally safe refrigerants. Additionally, be sure to ask your Paradise Valley heating and air conditioning contractor about rebates and tax incentives that your purchase may qualify for. Ready to get started? Call Rite Way of Phoenix  now to inquire about our products and service offering!

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