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How to Put Refrigerant in Your AC Unit

If your air conditioner system is sluggish and not keeping up with cooling your home, it might be an issue with low refrigerant levels. It is easy to add refrigerant yourself be knowing the basics.

  • Determine the type of refrigerant needed for your system. This information is often found on the manufacturer’s label on the AC unit. The most common are R-22 and R 410-A.
  • Check your system for escaping refrigerant. If a leak is located, fix the leak prior to buying new coolant. The most common device used to locate a leak is the Nitrogen Leak Detector. The second most common is the Electric Detector. These can be borrowed, rented or bought for a reasonable price.
  • Determine how much refrigerant you will need. The amount depends on the size of the unit. Purchase 2 to 4 pounds of refrigerant for each ton. So, a 3 ton Ac unit would require somewhere between 6 to 12 pounds of refrigerant. If you still aren’t sure of how much to purchase, start with a lesser amount. You can always add more if it still is low.
  • Remember to protect yourself while installing the refrigerant. Before inserting the refrigerant, ensure that the unit is turned off. Cover your eyes and mouth to prevent any of the gas getting in your eyes or mouth. Also, protect and cover any skin that might come in contact with any escaped refrigerant.
  • Ensure that the valve on the refrigerant compartment remains upright. This prevents the release of the gas into the compressor. Keep children away from the area when installing the new refrigerant, ensure that there is no remaining residue as a refrigerant can make pets sick or worse.

While you can replace refrigerant on your own, why not call the experts at Rite Way of Phoenix . Our experts not only replace refrigerant but have years of experience in AC repairs and maintenance. We are merely a click or phone call away. Contact us today!

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