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There’s Water Coming From My Light Fixture — What Should I Do?

One of the most frightening situations for a homeowner is seeing water coming from the base of a ceiling-bound light fixture. And whether it’s recessed lighting or a chandelier, water should never be dripping through. Before the plumber arrives at your front door, if this happens in your home, here’s how to take charge of the situation and keep you and your family safe from harm.

Turn the Electricity Off

The minute you notice that there’s water coming from a light fixture, turn the electricity off in your entire home right away. If you happen to leave the electric running, touching the switch of the light fixture could cause you bodily harm — and that’s something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Once you have run to your breaker and turned off the power completely, it’s time to assess where the water might be coming from.

Shut the Water Off

After the power has been turned off, it’s time to investigate where the water might be coming from. You should also take into consideration if a particular plumbing fixture or appliance in the room above the fixture is leaking, creating a dangerous situation.

There’s also a chance that if it’s raining outside, you could have a leak in your roof — which could also have created the leaking light. However, the best bet (regardless) is to turn off your water supply entirely in your home. This will help you determine if this problem is caused by your plumbing or your roof and the elements.

Keep the Area Dry

Once you’ve turned the electricity and water off, it’s essential to keep the area below dry. This way, you’ll be able to prevent a potential slipping hazard from happening or any water damage or mold from occurring. You’ll want to dry the floor/furniture with towels, followed by putting a pan or bucket underneath the light fixture to collect any excess water until the plumber arrives.

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