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Why Does My Toilet Make a Weird Noise When I Flush It?

Some things in the world are inevitable; we expect the sun to rise in the west, lights will come on when we hit the switch, and our toilets will flush without complication. What was that? Does your toilet no longer flush without making a strange noise? This is an obvious problem, and it’s understandably troubling. The good news is that if your toilet is making a weird noise when you flush it, the problem may be a simple repair.

Toilet Sounds to Watch Out For

Anything beyond water flushing is a cause for concern, but the most common sounds you’ll hear coming from a toilet in need of repair are:

  • Hissing
  • Humming
  • Buzzing
  • Creaking or moaning
  • Bubbling


There are typically one of two parts accountable for a noisy toilet flush: the washer or ballcock valve.

  • The flush valve washer is a rubber seal that prevents your toilet from continuously running. Over time, it can become weak and develop cracks or a loose seal that causes noise whenever you flush.
  • The ballcock valve manages water flow during flushes to avoid too much coming into the tank or bowl. If your ballcock valve needs to be replaced, then you may hear strange noises whenever you flush. 

In some cases, toilet flush sounds can be connected to a pipe problem, such as a leak or blockage. The best way to determine the underlying cause is to call in a professional plumber to take a look. This way, you won’t spend unnecessary money and time making repairs that don’t solve the problem.

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